Cast housing for gears in maritime winch systems

maritime Windensysteme_2

The use of cast iron housings made of nodular graphite for the construction of planetary and cylindrical gears for winches in shipping offers numerous advantages. The material is very easy to machine and, with tightly tolerated casting dimensions, the chip volume is very low, which significantly increases the productivity of tools and machines when compared to steel.   The damping capacity compared to steel is also significantly better, so that vibration-free gear operation can be guaranteed.

“A gear manufacturer for planetary and spur gears took advantage of these benefits and chose the corresponding castings from ZIMM for a major order for maritime winch system drives,” says Caner AY, CEO of ZIMM Turkey, and continues: “We were also able to convince him with our continuous quality assurance on site, as well as in this case with a preceding, fast prototype construction. All of this was, ultimately, the decisive factor for granting the contract to ZIMM and for the customer’s satisfaction with the final product. “

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